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Since 1978, Aloette Cosmetics has been committed to creating skincare and makeup that do good for you and the environment. We prioritize overall skin health by formulating our products with our proprietary aloe vera, nourishing botanical ingredients and age-defying science that redefines clean beauty.


Sandy Shealy

President Aloette of Upstate SC


1983-1994: Sandy started as a consultant for Aloette and went on to become the top international performer in personal sales for Aloette Cosmetics, Inc.


1994: She opened Aloette of Upstate SC and became president of the franchise. 


2015: Aloette of Upstate SC was #1 in growth and recruiting


Sandy leads a team of executives that have a combined experience of 70+ years in direct sales, and many of who have gone on to become legends of Aloette in their own right!


Casey Strickland

Office Manager and Executive Assistant


2006: Aloette of Upstate SC hires Casey Strickland as an Office Assistant


2010: Casey is promoted to Office Manager.

As office manager, Casey handles day to day operations of Aloette of Upstate shipping center including inventory management, payroll and IT.


As Sandy’s executive assistant she is a vital part of keeping everyone on track and on task.


Larry Shealy

Director Aloette of Upstate SC


1983-1994: Larry encouraged Sandy in her early consultant days and helped drive the success of Aloette through support and encouragement for Sandy. 


1994: Larry helped acquire and open Aloette of Upstate SC and became the Director, helping with day to day finances and inventory management. 


Larry still helps to support Sandy and Aloette of Upstate SC by handling the financial side of the business as well as encouraging support for Sandy and her team of executives.

The Aloette Upstate Executive Team

Lynn Albright

Started Aloette in 1987


I love Aloette because
it has always let me put my family first.

Reon Garland

Started Aloette in 1993


Aloette is so much
more than a career,
for me it's a lifestyle.

Meredith Epps

Started Aloette in 2021


I love Aloette because it allows me to help women feel better about themselves. I feel blessed to watch them blossom into a happier, more confident individual.

Sarah Powell

Started Aloette in 2018


Sharing safe, high quality products that I can stand behind while having fun, meeting new people, and making a little extra money is why I love Aloette...all on my own schedule. 
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